Assembly is born from a belief that technology is increasingly important to delivering the creative ideas necessary for real business advantage.

Assembly is a unique combination of advertising technologists and creative media minds.

Assembly is an integrated Media Agency with Leading Technology At Our Core.


Assembly is the media agency of record for AMC and responsible for generating engagement with some of today's most popular shows including: The Killing, The Walking Dead and Mad Men.

In launching Season 2 of The Walking Dead, Assembly faced a daunting task—eclipse year one ratings and growth popularity after being off the air for a year. Research revealed 'opportunity viewers' were younger men who are influenced by word-of-mouth and have high consumption of social media. Our strategy to start a second season “Feeding Frenzy” was to encourage fans to “Spread the Dead.” At its core “Spread the Dead” was high value media content and custom program integrations - launched at Comicon and promoted with high-impact advertising, directing fans into “hard-to-miss" social programs on Youtube, Twitter and Facebook.

The dead were walking and all target segments were talking - “Spread the Dead" topped social media charts prior to and during the season premiere. Most importantly, among adults ages 18-49, ratings increased almost 40 percent from season one making The Walking Dead Season 2 the #1 Drama Series in Basic Cable History.


Assembly is the media agency of record for Expedia and responsible for generating bookings for some of the largest travel sites on the internet including: and

With so many online travel services saying and doing the same thing, turned to Assembly to break-through and drive preference. After deep-diving the category we had our strategy: Drive new levels of brand engagement with a "born-social" Facebook contest called “FriendTrips”. Inherently social, users invited five friends to join them on their virtual plane bound for a dream vacation. Part of the Assembly Stack - “Dynamic Creative Versioning” (DCV) Technology was the key to driving differently motivated travel enthusiasts to come together in a single contest. DCV continually developed thousands of versions of the creative in real-time, match-making messages with individuals and taking conversion rates to new heights.

High-flying results — starting with 50,000 Facebook “fans," Expedia soared past their goal of one million “fans" in 6 weeks making “FriendTrips" the most successful Facebook program of its kind. The integrated program energized enthusiasts, built a fan-base of new brand advocates and drove a double-digit increased in US domestic bookings.


Assembly is the media agency of record for New York Life, the largest mutual life insurance company in the United States and one of the largest life insurers in the world.

In the crowded life insurance market category, noise is high, establishing trust is at a premium, and many companies and offerings come and go. After evaluating opportunities and crossing them with a deep understanding of the New York Life target passions, Assembly delivered a high-impact content partnership with Major League Baseball to remind viewers that New York Life has been keeping families safe and secure for more than 165 years. New York Life’s "Safe and Secure” is a completely native integration triggered when a player slides safely into 2nd, 3rd or home. The first of its kind, on-field product placement comes alive with New York Life’s blue box appearing on the screen with the words, “Safe and Secure” and then rotating to the “New York Life” official logo.

Winning strategy - Integrating the brand naturally into the flow of the game is a great reminder to fans that they too can be safe and secure. Assembly has since stretched the success of New York Life "Safe and Secure” beyond baseball into first of its kind in-game features in football, basketball and hockey.

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