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iPad Crazy & T-Mobile Takes Advantage of Google

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We are now using iPad’s more than ever, according to Business Insider who conducted its 3rd annual iPad survey. The survey concluded that people now use their iPad’s for 2-5 hours every day! Also, 46.7% of people say the iPad is now their primary computer vs. 29.1% when they first started the survey. Several graphs show a huge spike in what people are actually using their iPad for, which is web browsing. The number of people purchasing iPad’s and other tablets leaves a huge opportunity for advertisers to focus on mobile. Especially now with the tablet craze of 2012, demand for a more affordable tablet is attracting all sorts of companies to push a tablet into the market. Amazon.com took the first leap into the cheaper tablet market. They set the tone for the rest that a more affordable, simple design, and decent hardware tablet can do just as well. Now that the tablet universe is growing with other competitors like Google trying to make a more affordable tablet without sacrificing specs/features, it will only put tablets in more hands. With more tablets around the household/work/commuting this definitely grows the possibilities for advertisers wanting to expand their reach.

Some companies are already taking advantage of this! Google announced there “visual redesign” of its mobile search ads. We all search for local information on Maps all the time, so Google has updated their format features like the hyperlocal marker, which shows the user how close they are to an advertiser’s location, to make it easier for advertisers to drive awareness. Google is finding ways to integrate advertisers with people’s everyday use of mobile devices while simultaneously enhancing the user experience.

According to Google’s case study, T-Mobile’s goal was to increase new customer activations by converting desktop customers online, or by spurring customers using their mobile devices to visit nearby stores by being visible on their devices when they search for information. T-Mobile’s director of media expressed in this article that the company wanted to accomplish this by making it easier to sign up online through their mobile devices. They were served different ads depending what service they were using, and if they were using an iPhone or Android device. This campaign lead 162,000 people to T-Mobile’s website, with a 13% click-through rate, and by using the new feature of “Click to Call” in Google Maps, it lead to 20,000 phone calls to stores.

T-Mobile took advantage of this new feature from Google, who will be next?

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