NFL Twitter Timelines

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It’s football season at last! The NFL is rolling out new twitter timelines for every game and even the league itself. The experience features real time scoring updates and commentary from the NFL, players, average users and the general media in an effort to connect and engage consumers with valuable content. The timelines make it even easier to track games, teams and players live, while watching the broadcast or not.

The feed recognizes any comments or searches bearing relevant NFL keywords; for instance, a search for #RamsvVikings, or #STLvMIN would yield updates and reactions to a phenomenal 34-6 victory from the Purple People Eaters, including a scintillating 67 td yard run by Vikings sophomore Cordarrelle Patterson.


If you followed the World Cup soccer this past June, the experience may feel familiar. FIFA implemented this strategy to great effect last June, promoting over 672 million tweets throughout the tournament.

What remains to be seen is how and when this vehicle will open itself up to brands. Major sponsors of the NFL would be remiss not to join in the fun and reach viewers consuming content via second screens to drive greater engagement, ad recall and purchase intent. Even brands not advertising on NFL programming would be wise to join in on the action. (Queue snarky comments weaving brands into the gridiron narrative: “Will somebody get Tony Romo some fast-acting Advil?”).

This Twitter initiative is a great move from the NFL, but it shouldn’t be the only brand to benefit.



Will Centner, Integrated Communications Assistant

Michael Jackson’s post-death video “A Place With No Name” makes social media history

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Leave it to the King of Pop, the original music video superstar Michael Jackson, to break social media history years after his death. Seriously. Jackson’s new video from Xscape’s “A Place With No Name” graced the world for the first time Wednesday evening on Twitter. This was yet another first under the King of Pop’s posthumous belt, as it marked the first time a music video has debuted exclusively on Twitter.

“A Place With No Name” is not the first single off of Michael Jackson‘s Xscape, but it is certainly the most groundbreaking in its music history footprint. After clips from the video were teased on Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance Wednesday evening, the full video was posted via a concise tweet on the late icon’s Twitter handle. While artists have previously looked to Twitter to share new clips or make fans aware of news, in-tweet video is a new feature offered by the social media behemoth and MJ is the first to use the feature to release an entire video. Would we expect any less, even posthumously? Nope.

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Adding to the hugeness of its Twitter release, the vid was also shown simultaneously on a giant screen in New York City’s Times Square. It was a night with a whole lot of MJ.

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If you’re a fairly serious Michael Jackson fan, watching the “A Place With No Name” video is at times quite reminiscent of his early ’90s “In the Closet” video off of the Dangerous album. In fact, the videos bear a striking resemblance to each other. That’s probably because “A Place With No Name” features actual clips throughout from the Herb Ritts-shot “In the Closet” video itself. We see a ’90s MJ, clad in a signature outfit of white tank and black pants, dancing provocatively in the desert. In addition to these rare old clips from “ITC,” “APWNN” adds some new scenes of (obviously) non-Jackson material. This new material includes a young, modern couple singing and ahem, dancing, along to the “APWNN” lyrics in their own seemingly private desert.

As reported by Jackson’s estate, the late singer recorded “A Place With No Name” in 1998 with the song remaining unreleased until Xscape’s eventual release in May 2014. Xscape is the sophomore posthumous album release from Mr. Jackson, after the less-unique freshman release of the Michael album.

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With the thrill (no pun intended) of the unexpected yet awesome video release of “A Place With No Name,” we can only hope for more releases to come. MJ has never disappointed and we don’t think he will start now.


Rachel Berg, VP Integrated Communications Director (& newly appointed blogger for SheKnows Entertainment!!)

Day Three Of The MediaPost Online Video Summit: Focus On Native And Social Video

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How do brands capitalize on built in social communities? How do you deliver engaging social video content, yet still be authentic? Before you engage, ask yourself is this shareable and would you watch on a mobile device?

Video will account for 2/3rds of mobile traffic by 2015. What makes story telling in video different on mobile and social? It is essential that your content is authentic. You need to respect your audience, be fun, impromptu and natural, irreverent, but not glib. It needs to be highly visual and they need to be able to watch it or read it; the platforms are all short form. Also, keep in mind most mobile will not have their audio on. How do you break through? A brand must deliver the best part of the video to deliver core message in first 3-5 seconds. You need to “ruin” the reveal- give away the goods upfront to get a user’s attention.

There are 80 million millennials that have grown up with the environments of You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and Snapchat. If you want to reach them, you have to go where they are, but keep in mind that each of these social platforms act differently, so you need to see which would work best for your brand and design the video for the specific platform.

Social Platforms:

Vine is owned by Twitter. The format is 6.5 seconds or 180 frames to tell your story. Every second there are 9 tweets that go out with a Vine video attached. Humor and personality need to be huge here. Vine is truly a natural environment with non-celebrities leading the social pack.

Instagram, 150MM+ users. :15 video format. 17% of US adults use Instagram. 11% of US teens. It is owned by Facebook. Big potential for growth for brands because it is a sophisticated community that shares and uses hashtags to organize photos. Cull from the community and usual highly visual pictures to tell your story.

Snapchat- audience is young, 70% female between the ages of 13-25. 400MM messages are sent per day. Most of these messages are sent to one person, and it is growing. Highly visual, engaged audience.

Twitter, 240MM WW users. Represent 18% of US adults, 46% use daily with 29% coming back multiple times daily. 76% of those use it do so in the mobile space. Twitter is often a first source for news; the audience is sophisticated and aspirational. You have to be part of the real time conversation.

Facebook, 71% of US adults. 94% of US teens. Teens are sampling other networks, but not abandoning it. With Facebook you need to be able to tell a complex story in a simple way. On Facebook, you have to have a story post that will last for 18-48 hours.

So how do you decide which platform? Look at where your audience is. Decide what you want to achieve from your social video and manage your goals to determine the type of engagement you want. Remember:  the web is not the same as social. Your content won’t work the same across both. There are different audiences, length, and writing styles for each. You have to design and measure differently for each platform.


Roni Jenkins, VP, Interactive Marketing Director

LinkedIn Introduces Sponsored Updates for Companies

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LinkedIn is following suit with Facebook’s Sponsored Stories and Twitter’s Sponsored Tweets by introducing Sponsored Updates.

“With Sponsored Updates, marketers will be able to distribute this content directly to relevant professionals in a place their customers and prospects are already consuming professionally relevant content.”


This is great news for companies that wish to attract and promote themselves with people who aren’t currently following them. Check out the article from Mashable HERE.

Happy 7th Birthday, Twitter!

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If you can believe it, seven years ago today you had never even heard of a “tweet”. It was on March 21, 2006 at 8:50pm that founder Jack Dorsey first posted “just setting up my twttr” from his personal handle. Fast forward to 2013, and this social media platform is an integral part of most of our daily lives, with 400 million monthly visitors to and more than 200 million monthly active users around the world.

Jack Dorsey's First Tweet

When it comes to important, immediate communication, Twitter is generally the one to break the news. At one point during the 2011 Egyptian protests, U.S. State Department even called the site, asking it to postpone its “routine maintenance” because of the crucial role tweeting played in communicating the movement. However, the world wasn’t always on board with tweeting. Back in 2007, when the company was first starting out, the idea of Twitter seemed incredibly trivial. Jason Pontin, editor-in-chief of MIT’s Technology Review, remembers thinking that “Twitter was in the business of allowing people to advertise trivialities.” By now they’ve converted us, and in 2013 Twitter is making big moves to advertise more than just worthless banter.

On February 20th, Twitter announced that it was opening up its advertising API (application-programming interface) and enabling five launch partners to build their own tools for creathing and managing ad campaigns on the platform. The companies will be able to develop software on top of the Twitter ads platform, which will allow brands and agencies to more deeply test campaign-performance factors. By tapping into third-party tools, advertisers will be able to upload and edit ads in bulk, run campains much more effortlessly, and gain cross-channel insights from campaign delivery across Facebook and LinkedIn. Additionally, as Twitter expands their Ads API partner ecosystem, vendors will be able to give marketers the ability to run highly targeted and highly contextual ad campaigns.

WWE Main Event Launches on Ion

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In addition to WWE’s recent Saturday Morning Slam announcement, the multimedia entertainment company (and digital media client of TargetCast tcm!) continues to expand its reach and television presence by adding an additional hour of programming to its roster with the debut of WWE Main Event tonight at 8/7C on Ion Television.  Every Wednesday, WWE Main Event will be built around one “Main Event” between top WWE Superstars from both Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown with an in-depth look into the personalities and characters of each participant.

We urge you to help WWE celebrate their new show by posting the following message on your personal or corporate Twitter/Facebook accounts:

  • For Twitter: Tune in tonight as @WWE debuts WWE Main Event at 8/7C on @IONTV
  • For Facebook: Tune in tonight as @WWE debuts a new weekly one-hour original series, WWE Main Event, at 8/7C on ION Television. WWE Main Event will feature in-ring action and the popular Superstars and Divas from the rosters of Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown.

Get ready. Get set. Get Social!




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Below is an neat infographic (provided by ExactTarget) representing the impact of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in the Twittersphere.  Interestingly, during the 2008 Summer Games, Twitter was banned (and still is) in China , resulting in low traffic.  This year, the UK is expecting such a large increase in traffic that they have to expand their internet infrastructure.  Enjoy!

#TargetTalk Tuesday July 17th Transcript

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Thanks to all who joined our very first #TargetTalk last night! There was some great conversation from some really bright people. Moving forward we will plan to hold #TargetTalk on a monthly basis with the next session going down Tuesday August 21st @ 7PM ET. Topic and framing post will be released over the next few weeks. In the meantime please click the link below for a transcript of last nights session.

TargetTalk 7.17.12

Win 1 Million Followers on Twitter

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Interested in gaining as many followers as the celebrities?

Although it may not be just as good as winning a million dollars, Twitterrich, a Virginia-based advertising firm is now giving Twitter users a chance to become a Twitter-follower-millionaire with a new social media experiment called @1MillionRicher.

Once @1MillionRicher gains 1 million followers, Twitterrich will turn over the Twitter account to a random follower.

Though the benefits of winning this social media contest are not exactly clear, some lucky follower’s social media popularity is going to boom overnight.

Be sure to follow @1MillionRicher fast for your chance to become the next Twitter superstar!

The Comeback of the Vending Machine

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Facebook is updating their offering(s) at a frightening pace, and either Apple or Google seem to dominate the headlines with a new product, rumor, or technology update on a daily basis. Needless to say some very complex technology developments are advancing digital, mobile, print, tv and out-of-home experiences to unprecedented levels.

But we’ve noticed a small trend that serves as a little reprieve from what can at times feel like technology overload – the vending machine. We wrote a few weeks ago about the giant vending machine via Tourism British Columbia that dispensed kayaks and bikes in San Fran and now the latest from BOS Ice Tea with a Twitter tie-in. Users have to send a tweet to @bos with the hashtag #BOSTWEET4T and the vending machine will dispense a free sample of the product. Always love to see companies leverage Twitter as a main part of their marketing program.

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