Oh Yes!

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Time Square has become the latest part of Domino’s “Oh Yes We Did” campaign.

Starting July 25 the pizza joint has installed new digital billboards which will broadcast comments from customers.

Customers who order online can send in their feedback on the quality of their food, which (regardless if it is positive, negative, or neutral) will be posted on the billboards for up to 3 hours every day.

I appreciate the online tracker which let’s customers follow the progress of their pizza. And I can definitely appreciate the attempt of Dominos to be totally transparent and invite customer feedback in the hopes of improving the quality of the product. But (cheesy bread aside) Dominos will always remind me of cardboard…and my first instinct will always be to order from 1 out of at least 5 local pizza places on every block in NYC.

As far as late night snacking…nothing beats a Big Mac….except a Double Big Mac (only available in Canada).

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