Naked Apartments

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If you live or have ever lived in New York, then you understand the pain and stress people go through to find an apartment.  Well new start up Naked Apartment is looking to make this process a little easier for renters, landlords and apartment brokers. As a renter this site really excels at weaving through the fake ads and lost opportunities by matching qualified renters with brokers and landlords based on the renters’ search criteria.

As a renter, all you will need to do is set up an anonymous account that feature key statistics such as annual income, desired monthly rent, desired apartment size, location and move-in date. Once completed, brokers and landlords can review these profiles and choose to contact renters that they believe meet the rental properties requirements.  As an added bonus Naked Apartments also includes a free credit check when you sign up.  This rocks because New York brokers are known for charging $50+ a credit check, even though we all know they are pulling our credit through

As for revenue, Naked Apartment has a small fee of $2 which brokers and landlords have to pay every time they want to contact a renter.

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